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Sarah Lyne (Managing Director and Principal Ecologist) is now registered with the Bat Conservation Trust and Surrey Bat Group as a bat carer.  aLyne Ecology recently attended a comprehensive bat care course run by Sussex Bat Care.  Sarah currently has two permenant resident common pipistrelles, Bonnie and Bella, who will remain in Sarah's care for the duration of their lives, due to injuries sustained to their wings, meaning they can not fly, and therefore can not be released into the wild.    

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Found a Bat?

Bats are regularly found by memebers of the public, which have been grounded for unknown reasons.  Usually bats are grounded because they are injured by cats, hit by cars, or they are struggling to find food and are therefore too weak and underweight to fly. 


If you find a bat, immidately call the Bat Conservation Trust National Bat Helpline.  This is a specialised hotline to advise people what to do if they find a bat.  


BCT National Bat Helpline:

0345 1300 228

Alternatively, if the bat is found in Surrey then you can call Sarah directly: 07443 652988.  

DO NOT TOUCH THE BAT.  It is important that you do not touch the bat as there is a risk of rabies.  However, if the bat is in immediate danger and must be moved to safety, then you must wear gloves before picking up the bat.   

A safe location to place a bat would be inside a shoe box with some airholes and placed in a dark, quiet place.  

More information about what to do if you find a bat can be found on our 'What To Do If You Find A Bat' blog.