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Nesting Bird Checks are conducted by suitably experienced ecologists, to determine if there are any active bird’s nests present on site, which could potentially be impacted on by the development works. This involves actively searching for bird’s nests and observing bird nesting behaviour.     

Nesting Bird Checks are usually recommended following a PEA, if development works involve the removal of vegetation within the bird nesting season (March to August, inclusive), or if the proposals are likely to impact on habitats, which could support birds of conservation concern.


Nesting Bird Checks are usually conducted at dawn and no more than 48 hours prior to the commencement of site clearance.      

If an active bird’s nest is discovered on site, vegetation clearance must be carried out without disturbing the young. This may involve cordoning off an area around the active nest, or delaying elements of the development until the young have successfully fledged.


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